AmazoNeo at the BSL Colombia

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NEO in Latin America — BSL Colombia

On the last 17–18th of October the Colombian edition of the Blockchain Summit Latin America took place at the Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa, in Bogotá. It was the fourth expressive event that NEO directly participated in the continent. In addition, is relevant to highlight the potential of blockchain technology in guaranteeing strong and transparent institutions in Latam and driving innovation-led growth.

The NEO team was represented by members of its diverse communities, what clear manifests its geographic decentralization. Among those the NEO Global Development, City of Zion and the recently launched AmazoNeo. The latter was originated by members of NeoResearch that intended to concentrate on the structuring and consolidation of NEO Smart Economy in Latam. Even though in the very beginning, the community fosters social impact through the collaboration between devs and non-devs, by fomenting partnerships with innovation hubs, industry, government and academy.

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