There are twenty countries in Latin America at the moment. Our first target is to aggregate members from all those nation-states. There will be a steering committee composed by a multisectoral agents of the network. A reputation scheme will be established for participants according to their involvement and commitment. Contact us if you believe in our project. The governance will be elaborated in a participatory way through assemblies to be scheduled as soon as a minimum of 8 members from different countries join the network.

For the election of the the steering committee:

In this beginning the approval will work in a unanimity basis. It is relevant to mention that everyone is welcome to join the network, the elections are only to the steering committee for those who really commit.

Voting system

  • At least one representative for each country
  • The minimum of members will be weighted by the number of participants of a given jurisdiction proportionally.

Potential modules (commissions)

As long as the network spreads we also intend to create specific circles for collaboration of research and projects. Some suggested commissions are:

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business development
  • Science, Technology & Engineering
  • amazoneo works closely to NeoResearch as the major scientific community of NEO.
  • GovTech, Policy and Governance
  • Tokenomics and Complementary Cryptocurrencies Systems