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The AmazoNeo is a social-led blockchain community that emerged in order to develop and consolidate the NEO Smart Economy in Latin America. It has the goal of attracting representatives from diverse countries and regions in an interdisciplinary environment, AmazoNeo aims to enable a sustainable digital transformation of the territories.

AmazoNeo is not a private company nor any form of legally constituted entity, we are a network to support the Smart Economy proposed by the NEO Project in Latin America. Our purpose is to disseminate the use of blockchain technology for social impact in both industry, public sector, academy and civil society.


Among our key short-term goals we aim at

  • reaching at least one member from all the countries of Latin America;
  • establishing partnerships with accelators, incubators, living labs, industry, research centers and think tanks.
  • dividing into countries and subregions (continental, national, regional, state and territorial levels).
  • establishing comissions with specific context-dependent governance, but shared principles.
  • consolidating a newsletter in with the major advancements of blockchain technology in Latin America with focus on the NEO ecosystem in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • developing monthly reports about the expansion of the network both terms of partnered individuals and organizations.

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Become a contributor and an agent of transformation. Be part of our community!

In this very beginning we are acting in a more centralized manner until establishing the governance structure of the comittee through a participatory approach. This is in order to assure that the principles supported will be widely spreaded among its members. If you would like to be part of it send an email to contact@amazoneo.la with your:

  • Name:
  • City:
  • Country:
  • Background:
  • Briefly state how you intend to contribute and why you decided to join us.

We are convinced this is will be a very important step for the maturity of blockchain technology in Latin America. This by fostering to solve societal challenges through the support of NEO.


If you believe in our purpose and project, feel free to contribute through our Public Address:

                             Ac45huJEjr4f6JC8bRtraxfLDoASWSvAYw (Deprecated)

The NEO Foundation may provide support to the community, in the form of NEO rewards, which are redistributed according to the interests of the AmazoNeo Colaborators, Ambassadors and Committee. https://github.com/amazoneo-la/governance (Unders discussions).

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We are also active in the Discord Channel.